0-5 Months

Laying the Foundation of Healthy Sleep

Price: USD 25


6-12 Months

Achieving Healthy Sleep

Price: USD 30


1-2 Years

Supporting Through Sleep Transition

Price: USD 25


2 Years & Above

Transforming children into Independent Sleepers

Price: USD 30


FAQs about our courses

A baby should be 12 weeks for you to start sleep training. At this age, a baby’s sleep starts to become regulated. However, you can guide your baby towards the art of self-settling by choosing our 0 – 5 Months Course. Here, we help you to lay the foundations of healthy sleep for your baby and to understand what regulates baby sleep.

Each course is designed for a particular age group, with age-appropriate methods and daily schedule samples.

Choose the course that covers your child’s current age. If your baby is around 2 weeks away from moving into the next age group, then you may choose to opt for the next course.

As soon as you buy a course you will be able to sign into our Members area and gain access to all our materials. Create your own password and access this information from a computer, tablet or phone.

Each course contains my advice to you – in the form of written content, videos, and downloadable files. As you progress through the course, you can mark the milestones you have completed, in order to move to the next stage.

Not all online courses offer one-on-one support. These courses are designed for you to complete at your own pace. Here, I cover a range of topics to help you understand your baby’s current sleep situation and to create your own sleep plan – so there’s an element of customization backed by the right techniques. Each course has a section with Frequently Asked Questions built on real-life feedback from parents just like you and me, that will help you along the way.

If you would prefer a one-to-one consultation with me, please access your options here.

We cover a range of topics such as; the science of sleep, sleep environment, sleep associations, age-appropriate daily schedule samples, methods used to settle your baby and more.

We use gentle methods, however this is not to say that there will be no crying when you try to sleep train. When you change the way your baby is used to falling asleep (eg. rocking, feeding to sleep) there will be tears, until they learn how to self-settle and put themselves to sleep. Babies like adults do not like change. Still, they are very adaptable and once they become comfortable with the new method of going to sleep, they will progress quickly, without tears.

Once you purchase the course, you will have access for one year from the date of purchase.