Welcome to your 6 – 12 month baby sleep training course! I am so excited to help your baby, you and your family get a good night’s sleep.

This is such a wonderful age! Your tiny babies have grown so much during the past six months and have become extremely curious about their surroundings. They’ve started making bonds with you and acquiring new skills. Their bodies and minds are growing at a very fast pace during this time, and you can further assist this development by helping them master the skill of sleeping.

By this time, most babies will have started on solid foods, ideally consisting of three balanced, nutritious meals packed with a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, healthy proteins and carbohydrates. Milk feeds will also still be a main feature in your baby’s diet. For the purpose of this course, it doesn’t matter if your baby is breast or formula fed.

During this age most babies can sleep through the night without any night feeds, however some babies will still wake up for feeds. Your role is to feed your baby when they are hungry and to distinguish between genuine hunger and when a feed is purely to aid a return to sleep.

You know what is best for your baby. I have designed the courses into easy-to-understand chunks of information that will educate you on what your baby needs to sleep happily and allow your parental instincts to guide you.

We’ll help you respond to them when they need it and guide them to learn great sleep habits.

We’ll be covering:

  • Sleep Goals
  • Science of Sleep
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Current Sleep Situation
  • The Ideal Routine
  • Sleep Associations/Props
  • Settling Techniques
  • Creating Your Baby’s Sleep Plan
  • FAQ’s

Price: USD 30

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